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PRESTIGE SEARCH INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a manpower recruitment Placement Agency licensed by the Philippine government thru its Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Department of Labor and Employment.


Our company is constituted of proficient men and women whose dynamism and capabilities are conjoint in the best league. To date, in the field of manpower recruitment we have instituted a ready pool of almost all categories of contract workers carefully chosen thru a very selective process to ensure that only the best services are delivered to you. Service management is our craft and depending upon the urgency of your manpower recruitment, earliest deployment of contract workers is facilitated.


PSII seeks to open new opportunities for proficient Filipino workers who would like tot try their fortunes in suitable jobs abroad. We have opened horizons to different parts of the globe. We have proven our capabilities in manpower mobilization to our various clients all around the world.


Our achievement depends primarily in our never-ending project augmentation, which hoes hand in hand with skills, training, professionalism, honesty and promptitude in deploying workers. Workers’ skills are equated with demand of the market. Labor market studies are conducted to substantiate the needs of prospective market and align the skills development to the needs.





PRESTIGE SEARCH INTERNATIONAL, INC., a duly licensed Recruitment Agency get a hold with the country’s hundereds of Manpower Exporeters in catering continuously mounting global exigency for quality labor which undeviatingly affects Overseas Projects and Development Programs.


PSII has contrived an extensive pool of Manpower Reserve from which Human Resource requirements could be steadily drawn to meet the demands of its client companies, coupled with the fact that it is managed by experts and operates under dynamic system that is emancipated by a core of young effective professionals. Assessed, auspicious rendition of services is guaranteed.


PSII as Labor Exporter selects only physically and mentally able and competent staff. Extensive orientations are carried on for their benefit and travel papers are documented and finally deployed to their worksite overseas. However, PSII Services do not end at that point. PSII continuously assumes full responsibility from then on until the completion of their contract.


PSII provides an extended service to Employers and workers on assistance and facilitation in the Re-processing of documents and other travel requirements of the Philippine Government Agencies from “BALIK MANGGAGAWA WORKERS”, who are either workers on vacation leave and going back to their respective Employers; or workers with Renewed Employment Contract with the same employer, use of communication facilities of the agency by the employer and their Filipino workers. Renewal of expired passport of workers and assistance on re-booking and or ticketing of workers.


PSII is Doing-Recruitment-Right.


It carries on thorough screening and testing via standards foreordained by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, and engagement of qualified applicants is executed adeptly both for the benefit and advantage of contracting parties. The goal of Labor and Employment is to spur the country’s Economic Development and make it a golden endowment-reservoir of labor experts and in so doing. PSII Services is catered. With this, PSII will shoulder the repatriation cost of any terminated worker found to be unacceptable to the Employer, provided that, the Recruitment and Selection of worker was undertaken exclusively by the agency without the participation of the Employer. Please take note that if the Employer’s Representative made the final selection, then that constitutes participation. The ground for termination of the worker is due to any of the following:


  • The worker is not qualified for the position applied for;

  • The worker is medically unfit to work;

  • Misrepresentation or concealment by the worker of relevant information or materials relevant to his capacity to satisfactorily and competently perform the job/work for which he is hired;

  • Serious misconduct, willful disobedience of the Employer’s lawful orders, habitual neglect of duties, absenteeism, insubordination, revealing secrets of the Employer’s establishment, engaging in trade union activities, and violation of the customs, tradition and laws of the Employer’s country and or terms of the Employment Contract by the worker.


Provided also, that the Employer notifies the Agency in writing of its intention to terminate the worker and the reasons therefore, within the three-month probationary period from date of worker’s arrival to the site of employment.


Upon due availment of this guarantee, the agency shall also undertake the replacement of the terminated worker if the Employer so require.


PSII as Placement Agency is in full measure prepared to uphold onto the realization of client’s resolute – the probe for the most qualified and effective skills and talents in our workforce.


PSII is an affiliate of Philippine Association of Services Exporters, Inc. (PASEI) 


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