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Our Services:

  1.  Proper Screening of applicants
  2.  Personalized assistance in the completion of requirements
  3.  Proper documentations
  4.  Complete briefing on:
    1. Terms and conditions of the agencies here and abroad
    2. Detailed procedures on deployment (Pre-departure briefing and orientation)
    3. Detailed procedures on arrival abroad, post employment
  5. Proper training of workers on:
    1. Babysitting
    2. Use of household appliances
    3. General household works, marketing and cooking
    4. First Aid
  6. Trade test for skilled workers
  7.  Regular follow-ups when the workers are deployed to ensure they overcome homesickness
  8.  Assistance of our overseas counterparts until they get adjusted to their new environment
  9.  Accommodating the workers find another job in case they finished their contracts
  10.  Accommodating provincial applicants by providing them free lodging in Manila
  11.  Friendly dealings with the applicants
  12.  Counseling
  13.  Ticketing
  14.  Visa assistance 

Our Objectives:


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