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The worldwide search for manpower parallels the increasing demands of socioeconomic growth and progress. This is true whether in developed or developing countries.

The demand corresponds to actual and projected needs. And these needs are many and varied. It is meeting these requirements that make manpower recruitmnent and mobilization a vital activity, if often difficult. For the elements of competitive costs, selectiveness, reliabillity, timely delivery and such other vital consideration come into play.

Middle East countries for more than two decades now, have been moving forward in their economic development and modernization. To move forward, they have been needing a variety of manpower, in the thousands.

The economic "tigers" of Asia, both established and emerging have gone into mass manufacturing and industrialization. They, too, are in need of manpower to support their drive.

North America and Europe, whose economies are mature have their own unending demands for manpower.

Unknown to many, even the little dots of new republics in the vast Pacific Ocean, economic development is gathering energy and speed. They are as much in need of manpower though in smaller scale.

The manpower market will always be there. In government projects. In private companies. For short or long durations. Its supplies, therefore, must skillfully meet its demands.

This is why 21st Century Manpower Resources Inc. was organized. To help raise that manpower requirement. To respond qualitatively to the need. It is a company meant to serve.



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