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The Tools of a Filipino Worker by Redford Lacanilao

Have you ever wonder why Filipino workers have made it big in the global market? What makes them click, that amidst the great debacle of unemployment in the country, they have been globally accepted by their competitive colleagues?  We may not know all the answers to these questions, but it is of great relevance to know the anatomy of a Filipino worker to better understand his needs, drives and motivation towards work and success. Indeed, Psychology plays a major backbone in the actualization of attaining the holistic nature of Filipino workers.


It is inevitable to dodge on the issue about poverty, high unemployment rate and economic crisis especially when your talking about a third world country like the Philippines who has been striving to resolve its exigencies. But despite of its condition, these pressing needs are very much compensated by Filipino workers who risk their lives abroad just to help their families and their country. It is just like looking on a kaleidoscope that one will realize that Filipino workers have definitely surmounted the four corners of the world. With that motivation, Filipinos have worked harder and have strived for the best so that they cannot only make a name for themselves but make their country proud of them.


But what really makes a Filipino worker stand out from the rest?  It’s like asking, what makes a man different from another? Crazy indeed, but the logic of this question would answer our purpose. It is true that a Filipino worker like any other worker uses the same set of tools- education, skills, expertise, and experience to name a few in his chosen work.  But what makes these tools glow as gold is how he uses these.  Some may not have completed their education while others may not have enough experience, but amidst this paucity, Filipinos possess the most indispensable tool that one could ever possibly have. And that is his big heart. He has the heart on what it takes to be on top of the world. Bias aside, Filipinos always put their hearts in whatever they do. Aside from the fact that they want to be successful and be the best on whatever endeavor they are into, they are well known for their ability to reach out harmoniously with other people in the likes of his co-workers, superiors and subordinates. Pinoys have been able to exemplify great “pakikisama” or goodwill especially when working abroad.


When it comes to dealing with people, language has never been a barrier in reaching out with other people.  In fact, you can never find someone who’s got the same communication skills as they have. Through the years, Filipinos have become adaptable and adept to his changing environment thus helping him adjust to his work and to his co-workers effectively. Reaching out with them is best depicted in his need for smooth interpersonal relationship or what others call as the SIR factor.  Meeting new people and being part of the group are his requirements for working effectively.  For him, no man is an island.  His success is his company’s.  That is the main reason why Filipinos are socially accepted by his global competitors.


A typical Filipino worker is best epitomized by the fictitious Jerry Maguire.  Remember, when he said the interminable phrase, “You complete Me”? Such a powerful phrase, that it burst the whole world with storm. A Filipino worker is never complete without his work. The zenith of his efforts in life is best achieved through his work. Comparing a Filipino to Jerry is paradox in the sense that we are not giving the Filipino his own worth and identity which he deserves.  But identity aside, Filipinos do have a different identity yet the same heart Jerry has when it comes to work.  A Filipino worker like Jerry thrives on competition. Healthy competition brings the best in him. His hard-nose effort towards success is his challenge in life.  Just like Jerry, a Filipino worker is always dedicated.  He is willing to devote his entire life in this endeavor for the sake of his family which gives him the motivation to strive harder. True to the notion, love your work and your work will love you, a Filipino worker always puts this in heart.  Like Jerry, a Filipino worker never neglects his work.  He takes care of whatever he has and always do on whatever he believes.


            Just like a patient who is need of help and the country who is in despair, the Filipino worker is always there willing to give a helping hand. For him, Work and service go hand in hand.  He doesn’t only think about himself, but he is also concern for the welfare of others.  With God as the foundation of rendering his service, he would never fail.


Indeed, a Filipino worker is the workhorse of the economy. They sacrifice abroad just to support their family.  Our economy wouldn’t be standing still without them.  Their contributions worldwide have done a lot of wonders to the upheavals of what we are now.  We certainly cannot live without them.  They are our last hope towards economic recovery and growth.  It is not over till its over. We still have a chance and that chance is on the hands of our Filipino workers.



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