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What to Wear?
The more people you know in your industry, the greater your chances of learning about exciting job opportunities. Join a professional organization in your industry and attend as many meetings as you can. If you have the time, volunteer for committees or Board positions. This illustrates your confidence, enthusiasm and commitment - traits that any prospective employer values!


  •  Suit or tailored dress in solid or subtle color

  • Choose among attaché case, handbag or shoulder bag

  •  Polished and closed toe shoes, basic dark pumps with medium or low heels, no run over heels

  • Simple and basic jewelry

  • Always wear hosiery and keep color near your skin tone

  • Nail subtle if polished, clean and not chipped

  • You may use light-scented cologne, if any

  • Make-up should be minimal


  • Black, dark blue or charcoal gray slacks

  • Conservative red or navy blue color, striped or solid design ties. Small repeating shapes are also good. No cartoon characters please!

  • Solid white or light colored long-sleeved shirt

  • Avoid flashy cufflinks, rings or neck chains. No earrings

  • Shined shoes with no run-over heels. Tassel loafer, wings or lace shoes preferred

  • Over the calf socks

  • Clean nails

  • Hair should be neat and well combed. No absurd hairstyles

  • No strong fragrant scent


  •  No chewing gum

  • No smoking

  • Chew breath mint before the interview

  • Bring a quality pen


Tailored suit, closed toe shoes and a handbag is suitable

Striped ties, light colored long-sleeved polo, dark slacks and  coat is appropriate

No smoking. Shake hands after the interview.


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