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Using the Web to Succeed in Your Job Search

What You Studied is Not as Important as What You Learned

Don't despair if you haven't chosen a 'practical' major course like business computer science. In general, companies are less interested in what you are studying than in what you have learned. Someone who has strong communication, academic, problem solving, analytical, writing, and/or public speaking skills - regardless of major - could well be a strong contender for a variety of jobs


   Ideally, you want your job search to take as little time and energy as possible, while yielding optimal results. Sound impossible? It's not. Especially if you use the web to its best advantage. This article describes the kinds of career information you can find online and how to use them.


The Ideal Job Search


The most successful job search is a multi-faceted one. Efficient, effective career planning is a matter of achieving the right balance between research, preparation, and action, while drawing from a mix of resources. Good career planning means you have to cover more bases, but in the end you expend less energy and vastly increase your chances of finding a job that matches your needs and skills and allows you to grow professionally.


   If you take a singular approach to a traditional job-hunt campaign, you may devote an excessive amount of time and effort that yields little reward. For example, if your only job-seeking activity is checking the classified listings and blindly sending out your resume to multiple venues, youíll probably find yourself with a handful of interviews at firms that may or may not be right for you and a lot of time wasted. On the other hand, you greatly increase your chances of finding the right job and getting hired by also expanding your professional network, researching companies, and targeting organizations that are a good fit for your skills, interests and experience. Happily, in todayís world, much of this work can be done on the web.


What are the benefits of using the Web in career planning?


The rapid expansion of the World Wide Web has marked a huge development on the Internet. Over the last year or two, organizations and individuals rushed to create their own presence on the web. The good news is, that means thereís more information for you to access. At the same time, too many choices can be overwhelming. After all, the last thing you want to do is spend more time finding the best resources than using them.

Convenience, Flexibility and Cost Efficiency


You can access the web at any time of day or night. Having your own computer and Internet access means you can also conduct a good deal of your job search on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own home. Also, because web resources are categorized and searchable by keywords, you can broaden or narrow your focus as you choose and access large amounts of information easily and efficiently. Links between and within sites enable you to pick and choose your direction, providing a non-linear approach to information gathering. That ability means you can navigate multiple sources of information with ease and go directly to the source that most appeals to you. In addition, the web provides a cost-effective means to access information from all over the world about job-related issues. Itís relatively cheap (even free at many schools) to access the web, and once you do, most of the information is free. If thereís ever a time when cost efficiency matters most, itís when youíre looking for a job to help cover your expenses!

How can a Job Seeker Effectively Use the World Wide Web?

Top 10 Job Hunting Tips for Graduates

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